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Any criminal charge — for reckless driving, DUI, assault, drug possession, domestic violence or any other crime — is a serious matter. Being charged or even investigated can be a frightening experience, and you need an advocate to help you through it.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients at every stage of the criminal defense process. At the onset we approach every case as if it will be tried, exploring all facts and options. If, however, after being fully advised of your options you plead guilty, we will advocate forcefully for you during sentencing and beyond if necessary.
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Treating Each Case as Unique

The idea that a standard set of laws applies to everyone is misguided. For this reason, some lawyers have gotten in the unfortunate habit of seeing each case as an instance of a general pattern.

Each case, however, is different, involving a different set of facts and circumstances. The proper role of your criminal defense lawyer is to tell your side of the story about the unique facts of your case in light of the laws that apply to everyone.

No matter how “routine” your case may appear, our attorneys at Clark & Allen, PC, are devoted to doing a thorough investigation of the facts in preparation for taking your case to trial. Maintaining your readiness to go to trial can also be an effective negotiating/bargaining tool.

Of course, we may be able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges or offer you a genuinely fair plea bargain that is acceptable to you. We will certainly pursue these and other alternatives to a criminal trial, in light of the circumstances and your informed decisions.

If you are facing charges for alleged reckless driving, theft, domestic violence or any other criminal offense, get the legal attention you need right away. Contact us today.

Accessible Northern Virginia Lawyers

Based in Leesburg with a branch office in Tysons Corner, we offer high quality criminal defense services to clients in Loudoun and Fairfax counties and throughout Northern Virginia. We are available to visit with clients in jail or prison and have the flexibility to schedule office appointments outside of business hours as needed.

We offer a free initial consultation to prospective criminal defense clients and accept all major credit cards for payment for our services.

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