Recent & Current Civil Rights Cases

Reverse Racism, anti-Semitism and Discrimination Physical within the US Department of Justice’s Immigration & Naturalization Service


  The case of Caryl Leventhal v. Janet Reno and the US Department of Justice involves an employee of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.  As a newly hired employee, she was brutalized by her superiors because of being white and Jewish in a position that for decades, was filled solely by African Americans.  When she became seriously ill with an Acute exacerbation of Multiple Sclerosis, she was denied sick pay and marked AWOL (absent without official leave).  This was in spite of her managers receiving doctor’s notes and MRI reports from neurologists.  While gravely ill, Ms. Leventhal was terminated for showing “Poor dedication to her job.” Her immediate replacement was an African American.

Disability Discrimination

Currently representing presenting Keith Toto, a young man wanting nothing more than to have a public apartment hunting firm find him him a rental unit in New York City.  When the firm discovered that Mr. Toto was deaf, their broker declined to work with him on the grounds that they didn’t rent to people with disabilities.  On January 18, 2000, this case appeared in the NY Journal News with the Associated Press contributing details.

Criminal Justice System Cover-ups

  Involved in the Estate of Jose Santos, Jr. v. City of New York. Mr. Santos was found dead in his Rikers Island Jail cell. The official autopsy lists the cause of death as a suicide, although the family’s independent autopsy indicates otherwise. The matter has received extensive press coverage in the Spanish  and mainstream media in New York City.

Police Brutality

A high-profile case of police brutality, involving my client, Nathaniel Howard, who was a victim of brutality and cover-up.  He was found not guilty of all charges.  An article about this matter is expected soon in the Village Voice.

Previous Civil Rights Cases: 

Election Process Integrity

  Represented four insurgent candidates against the Brooklyn Democratic Party and the City Board of Elections. Brought this matter to federal court, which was a novel strategy up to that point. The Brooklyn federal court ruled in my favor and three of the candidates were ordered on the primary ballot.

  Involved in a far more well known matter, that is the Brooklyn Primary Cases. The primary ballots throughout the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens were not operating properly. I was the first to file in federal court, followed by many other frustrated candidates. In a unique decision, District Judge David Tragger ordered a continuation of voting in districts affected. However, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, overruled him.

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