Buyers Tips

These are the steps to follow in a successful New York home purchase: Determine affordability - A home is the largest single investment you have

Divorces in New York

  In many cases, a divorce settlement can be achieved without the intervention of the court, by some form of negotiation, mediation or mollaborative means.

Purchasing Property in Turkey

REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION BY FOREIGN REAL PERSONS IN TURKEY Real Estate law is regulated within the Civil Code according to the Turkish regulations. It is

Recent & Current Civil Rights Cases

Reverse Racism, anti-Semitism and Discrimination Physical within the US Department of Justice's Immigration & Naturalization Service     The case of Caryl Leventhal v. Janet

Grassley Advances Civil Rights Tax Reform

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Committee on Finance, today won near-final passage of reforms to end unfair taxation in civil rights cases.