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As a local business, you’re probably spending your time focusing on dealing with your current customers or clients and working on getting new ones. The last thing you want to be worried about is whether or not your website is working or if you have your social media setup and optimized correctly. Also, you shouldn’t spend your time and energy focusing on marketing your website unless that’s you’re specialty. After all, you don’t see a pilot handing out prescriptions to patients – it’s just not in their expertise!

This quick video provides a great help for any small business and outlines some of the best strategies for making sure your website and local marketing are setup properly for your business to succeed.

How to do basic search engine optimization on your website

When starting any project, whether it’s a website, yard work, or building a house, you should always have the end goal in mind. The importance of understanding the end goal will allow you to piece together the necessary elements to build the final product you’re wanting.

Most people build websites so they can share their ideas, products, and/or services. To effectively share your website, it should be optimized for search engines so they understand what your site is about. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. Read through some SEO tips for additional help.

The basics of SEO

How does a search engine know which sites should be displayed when you type in a specific search? They analyze hundreds of different factors! To start, the content on the website is analyzed to determine the general theme, topics, and keywords that are used. This is one of the most important factors for the initial setup of your website. Create solid content for users and make it easy for search engines to understand what your website (and content) is about.

Other important SEO factors

Other factors used in determining where your website shows in the search rankings are your URL, your page titles, content headings, and also how many and what quality sites are linking to your site.

The whole purpose is to make sure your website, title, content, and links follow the same theme. If your content is about health and fitness, your titles, URL, and links should all carry a similar theme. While it’s much more detailed than that, the description and basic overview of SEO and how it works should help you understand what the search engines are analyzing when determining where your website should rank among similar or competitor websites.

Reputable companies to help with search marketing

When starting your business or website, figuring the technical aspects out alone can be overwhelming. Even if you are a seasoned webmaster, you are probably more interested in spending time and energy building your business and writing content for your business. For that reason, it’s usually suggested to get help from a search engine marketing firm to perform your SEO services. In particular, this agency in Chicago, Illinois has proven their success with results, testimonials, and case studies of their successful campaigns. If you’re looking for help with your website marketing, you should definitely call someone who has proven to be a reliable, long-term solution.

How much does SEO cost?

The costs for search marketing services vary drastically based on a variety of factors. Pricing can fluctuate based on your geographic region, your market, your niche/industry, how much work you need, and a handful of other factors. It’s best to gather pricing information directly from the company you’ll be working with. Generally speaking, when done correctly, search engine optimization services provide one of the highest returns on your investment when compared to other online advertising methods. Because of this, it is extremely valuable to any company to find a proven SEO company to help with their marketing.

For more information about how digital marketing can help your company, view our other resources on this topic.

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